Sandy Sandy Sandy We Can’t Let You Go



No dia em que Sandy Kilpatrick se despede de «Redemption Road» no Parque da Devesa, em Famalicão, a TKNT recorda uma das mais pequenas entrevistas do mundo ao escocês. Ele, que se sente abençoado por um disco naturalmente feito de… e na Natureza.  O caminho das músicas e dos vídeoclipes não termina com certeza, como não termina o rio do tema “We Don’t Need Tomorrow”. Uma introdução quase do tamanho de uma entrevista, com outra roupagem apenas… mas com respostas ainda em Inglês. Tradução a chegar a todo o momento….


TKNT Sobre o que é este We Don’t Need Tomorrow…. e se a missa Gospel que te inspirou para o disco teve muito a ver com esta música? É que tendo alma Gospel… não abandona o lado melancólico?

Sandy Kilpatrick Although I fundamentally feel that the songs I love, and try to write, are about trying to reach an emotional high point beyond the logic of an explanation, I would risk saying that “We Don’t Need Tomorrow” is about love and friendship. The lyric was inspired by a long journey I made along the banks of the River Lune by foot, 7 days and 7 nights, with 2 great friends, after finishing university. We wanted to mark the end of an amazing period of our lives with something special, so we went to the source of the river in the Pennine Mountains, in the North of England, and followed its course to the sea at Morecambe. It was one of those high periods of life when it feels like you are living in eternity, beyond time…and that you never want it to end. And it was that feeling that I tried to communicate with the song. As for the inspiration from the gospel mass, I think that the key idea I took from my experience in Harlem (and an amazing one at that) was that I should be finding ways to celebrate life. But it seems impossible to talk about so much joy without acknowledging some sadness; I think it is about balance. One of my favourite gospel songs, ”Hold Me”, by the great Mahalia Jackson, is about the need for love and comfort when we are suffering; although I think you can also feel her sense of joy here. Mahalia found her joy in God , and he must have something if he can create a singer like her. I think it’s necessary sometimes to push ourselves to remember that life is amazing, it’s so happy and so unpredictable and sad, but amazing – all at the same time.

TKNT Onde foi filmado este vídeo e o que achas dele?

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Sandy Kilpatrick The video was filmed on the Rio Homem, in Fiscal, the hometown of António Variações, near Amares. The people were amazing, very helpful and open. I was producing the video, organizing all the materials, locations , etc. And on the first day of filming we were in a café for breakfast and having a conversation with the wonderful waitress. She supplied us with oars for the boat, the rope and tyre to make the ropeswing, and before we left the café to start filming I said to her: “Tenho mais uma pergunta…mas é estranha…” “Diga.” “Por acaso não tens uns…humm…uns sapos. Precisamos de sapos para filmar…” E ela, com uma cara muito triste: “Não, não tenho desculpa.” E depois silêncio, com a menina a pensar bem, quase com os olhos fechados… “So temos rãs.” That detail shows so much humanity, kindness and sensitivity to the details of Nature, and it made us laugh a lot. We all had a great time there. I was very happy with the final result of the video. I think that Pedro Pinto and his team did a great job. The video manages to reflect the lyric very well, and catches the innocence of childhood, before the issues of the world become apparent and troubling for us. It’s a different story from the lyric, but shows us that we should live in the moment as much as we can, and make the best of every day. Digo eu.


Nuno F. Santos